Visitor from Mamaroneck

by Neil Simon

Visitor From Mamaroneck, introduces the audience to not-so-blissfully wedded couple Sam and Karen Nash, who are revisiting their honeymoon suite in an attempt by Sam to bring the love back into their marriage. Her plan backfires and the two become embroiled in a heated argument about whether or not Karen is having an affair with her secretary. The act ends with Karen leaving (allegedly to attend to urgent business) and Sam sadly reflecting on how much things have changed since they were young.

Director: Fraser MacLeod
Producer: Fraser MacLeod and Esra Thorstensson
Lights, sound: Dan Malm
Scenography: Björn Almqvist
Costume, props: Sera Cederberg
Video recording: Emma Olsson

Sam Nash – Fraser MacLeod
Karen Nash – Johanna Larsson
Bellhop  Jasmin Salih
Waiter – Ulrika Pettersson
Jean McCormack – Emilia Nilsson