About Us

We are a predominantly English speaking theatre company who specialise in visually stunning high-end amateur theatre. We want to be the reason why people still take a chance on amateur theatre!

Engaging highly skilled individuals, Guanabana Productions have now been an official entity for over three years.

In our early incarnation, we worked for several years in partnership with MAST on internal student productions such as successful portrayals of Chekhov’s The Boor, Neil Simon plays California Suite and The Visitor from Mamoraneck. In our short independant career we have already produced both Anthony Shaffer’s Sleuth and ventured into Swedish with the original script of Varför ska jag lära mig det här? (Why should I learn this?) by our very own Paula Brante. Our pursuit of visually gripping high-end amateur theatre continued with Craig Wright’s The Pavilion, which premiered on the 22nd April 2016.

Please enjoy a browse through our potted history of previous projects, profiles of our membership, and information and images for upcoming productions.

For more details on our charter (stadgar) click here