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by Ira Levin

Sidney is a playwright who has been starved of success for too long. Then, out of nowhere, a sure fire smash hit script lands in his lap. Deathtrap, written by the young Clifford, starts the cogs in Sidney’s brain turning. What would happen if Clifford just disappeared…? We ask: how far are we willing to go for love, pride and success?

Full of twists and turns and dark humour, Deathtrap, by Ira Levin, was a huge Broadway success in 1978, and we at Guanabana Productions are delighted to bring it to Malmö

Recommended from age 15

March 5 @ 18:30
March 7 @ 18:30
March 8 @ 19:00
March 9 @ 19:00
March 12 @ 18:30
March 14 @ 18:30
March 15 @ 19:00

Director: Fraser MacLeod
Producer: Emeli Nilsson
Costume:  Fredrika Lilius
Scenography & props: Hedvig Kynäs
Set & props: Björn Almqvist
Stage Manager, Lights, Sound, Props:  Dan Malm
Marketing: Emilia Nilsson, Magdalena Collin
Make-up: Emma Gould

Sidney – Brian Cloughley
Myra – Emma Gould
Clifford – Sam Ebadeh
Helga – Inna Syzonenko
Porter – Richard Pates

Sound effects from